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A New Life DayZ



At this homepage, you will find some informations about my map DAYZ Sauerland.

I work on this map alone since Nov. 2012 and it is still a previewmap and not finished. If you test my map, dont forget, its a preview. Some buildings may be missplaced or not usable. If you find missplaced buildings or models, take a screenshot from the model and, if you have, from the map and post it on my Forum. So can i find it and fix it.

This map is based on real Geodata from the Nasa, but the villages haven't the real size.

Sometimes, you have a Dejavu on my Map? Yes, some Villages looks like stolen from Cherno. Yes it is! This villages are placeholder for upcoming villages in the Next Versions.

Download: Sauerland Summer 1.90.02 complete pack (740 MB)
Download: Sauerland Winter 1.90.03 complete pack (790 MB)

If you not need all files, go to my downloadsection, there are all files as single download.




Some facts:

- 655 km² Terrain
- over 30 villages and 2 realy big citys
- 5 Million Models (trees, bushes, houses etc.)
- Biggest City is Meschede, Aprox 3 - 4 times bigger than Cherno.

This work is licensed under a DayZ Mod License Share Alike